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stacie orrico

American Idols watch out! Stacie Orrico already has a head start. After winning a local singing competition in Denver, Stacie won a recording contract and, soon, found herself singing to a slightly larger audience... Destiny Child's crowd. These days, she can be found all over MTV and as a guest star on NBC's American Dreams. Watch out world, here she comes!

Lindzi.com: How'd you first get into singing?

Stacie Orrico: I'm from a musical family. No one did it professionally, but we grew up singing. My parents are not stage parents. I didn't do competitions growing up or anything. There was a Jars of Clay concert in Denver, when I lived there. I wanted to go and see them play. My mom looked it up and found out it was this whole week long event with classes and workshops and concerts. She thought it might be fun for us to go hang out for the week. We went up there. She ended up signing me up for part of it. Out of boredom, I agreed to sing in the competition. I wound up winning the competition and was offered a deal with an EMI label called ForeFront Records, which is a gospel label. I've been with them for five years. I released a studio and Christmas album with them. I was about to release my self-titled album a year ago, but Virgin came into the picture and they decided to release this one together.

Lindzi.com: That's great. Since then you've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people -- including famed songwritter, Diane Warren.

Stacie Orrico: I don't usually get too star struck or weirded out when I meet great people. It was an honor and I was thankful for the opportunity, but I wasn't intimidated. I'm not an intimidated person.

Lindzi.com: How do you feel about Britney Spears comparisons? Do you agree?

Stacie Orrico: I think it's pretty far off. I think the reason I'm put in that categroy is because I'm the new, young artist. Our music is very different. Our live performances are different. Our goals are different. When a new artist comes out, they want to lump you into a category. It takes time to be put into your own category.

Lindzi.com: How are you different?

Stacie Orrico: There are many young, talented artists out right now who young girls watch, look up to, and follow. Everybody has something else to bring to the table. Some people watch artists because of their fashion, their music. Some people try to shock people and fans will watch to see how they shock next. I'm not out there to be a sex symbol. Every girl wants to be attractive, but -- for me -- it goes deeper. I want people to listen to the words of the songs. I want young people to think about the decisions their making and how their relationships are affecting others.

Lindzi.com: What was it like touring with Destiny's Child?

Stacie Orrico: Watching them was amazing because I had the opportunity to tour with them during the height of their career as a group. They were still thankful and honored to be there. Some artists get a little jaded, but they were still humble. It was a good thing for me to get to watch. They told me to remember where I came from and to keep my family close.

Lindzi.com: How will you know when you've hit it big?

Stacie Orrico: I think that everybody's picture and opinion of what huge is is different. It's hard for me to just watch the charts. I don't try to find interviews about myself. To me, success is when I get to reach people with something positive. I'll feel truly satisfied when I'm selling records and people are telling me, "This is a young girl who challenged other girls her age to be more than just about their bodies."

Lindzi.com: How much pressure to you feel to act as a sex symbol of sorts?

Stacie Orrico: It hasn't been a struggle. I don't feel attractive when I have everything hanging out all over the place. Sexy to me is being mysterious and leaving a little to the imagination. I think there is much more to a person than their boobs and their stomachs. I'd much rather somebody was attracted to me because of my personality or something else.

Lindzi.com: What makes you insecure?

Stacie Orrico: Sometimes as an artists, you watch others doing what they're doing and you start to go, "Am I really doing all the things I'm dreaming about doing?" You talk so much about goals in interviews and stuff. I wonder if people get it. People don't care about anything deeper about sex and I wonder how can I dig any deeper. It makes you feel like a loser.

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