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Rubyhorse are the hottest thing out of Ireland since U2's early days. After hitting the Boston bar scene in 1997, the group has made quite a name for themselves as musicians. While Rubyhorse are on their way to the finish line, the race has only just begun. The guys took a breather and stopped to chat with us while in town.

Lindzi.com: You sing a lot about faith on the album. How large a role did faith play in getting you to where you are now?

Decky: Our journey has been such a long one. We always felt there was an invisible hand guiding us through out the years. It gives you a sense of destiny. That comes through in our lyrics.

Lindzi.com: How did the group come together?

Dave: We were together as kids in kindergarten. We decided to get a band together when we were in high school. We left high school and were like, "Let's not get a real job. Let's be in the band for a while." We kept it going and came over here. With a 1,000 bucks between the five of us, we had no idea what we were going to do or how we were going to survive. We started to build a fan base in Boston and we're still here.

Lindzi.com: That's a huge leap of faith! What were you thinking?

Dave: We're basically insane. We're clinically probably mad. We have no relationship with logic. We took away our safety net and when you take away your safety net, interesting things happen.

Lindzi.com: What were you doing before you were in Rubyhorse?

Dave: We were always just in Rubyhorse.

Lindzi.com: Okay, what jobs were you doing in between gigs, then?

Decky: We had some pretty funny jobs while trying to support the band. Dave and myself dressed up as a moose for Moose Head Beer. We would go around to bars and would sing, "The moose is loose around this house." Dave worked in a bar for a little while. I shoveled shit.

Lindzi.com: What were your first gigs like?

Dave: The first one was pretty weird. There was nobody at it. Eventually, people started to come and it became bigger and bigger. People started pouring in on Thursday nights at the bar we performed at. Things started to grow naturally for us. It was always exciting for us to be playing in another country -- even if there wasn't that many people there originally.

Lindzi.com: How did you land your deal?

Dave: We generated a buzz and the industry picked up on that. They'll come knocking and ask if you want to be a part of it... Foolishly, we agreed to it. {laughs}

Lindzi.com: What do you think is the biggest misconception about the music industry?

Dave: I don't know if there are any misconceptions. I think everyone knows what the industry is. We felt lucky in the sense that we were able to create music that we believe in. We were lucky enough to find a great producer and make music that we can be proud of. We feel separate from it.

Lindzi.com: Some people think the industry is a lot more glamorous than it actually is.

Decky: Do we look glamorous? {laughter}

Dave: Yeah, do we?

Decky: People come to the shows and assume your whole 24 hours are like that. It's a fantastic life and I wouldn't change it for the world, but there is a lot of hard work and traveling. We're far away from home and friends and family. It's a lot of sacrifices that you have to make to go after your dream.

Lindzi.com: How often do you see your friends and family?

Decky: We get to go back twice a year. This year, we've been so busy that we haven't time to. We're based in Boston, but we've only been here for four or five days in the last five months. Our cell phone bills are outrageous.

Lindzi.com: What's the most difficult part of being on the road?

Dave: The toughest part is sustaining yourself. Being on the road all the time and away from friends, it's hard to keep it going.

Lindzi.com: What's your favorite song off the album?

Dave: My favorite song off the record is Punchdrunk because it sums up everything about us since the band began. It seems to touch a cord. Everyone has different favorites.

Decky: Any Day Now is a great song. One of the cool things that was said about that song... We got an e-mail from a girl that said that song made her feel less alone in the world. That was pretty amazing to hear. Punchdrunk is the one one of The Beatles played on.

Lindzi.com: That's right. Incredible. How'd you manage to get George Harrison of The Beatles on there?

Dave: We threatened him with a law suit. {laughs}

Decky: We recorded the song and we felt something was missing. We didn't know what it was. Someone suggested that we get a guitar part. Being Irish and chancy, we said why don't we ask George Harrison, one of the most original guitar players that ever lived. We got in touch with his manager and he said he's love to do it. It was a big honor.

Lindzi.com: How do you feel about U2 comparisons?

Decky: It's inevitable that you're to be compared to U2 if you're Irish. If we were a polka group, we'd still be compared to them.

Lindzi.com: What advice would you give to other aspiring musicians?

Dave: It's hard being an artist on any level. It's hard to make a living and it's not a structured life. I have no advice other than follow your heart.

Decky: Listen only to yourself and don't let people tell you you're not good enough. Believe it or not, you are good enough.

Lindzi.com: How have you dealt with industry types who just want to be associated with you because of your image?

Dave: We're Irish. We're just looking for a party.


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