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reel big fish

Ska band Reel Big Fish are at it again. On the second leg of their "Crouching Fish, Hidden Finger tour," the band took a moment to chat with us about life on the road. Despite having to replace their drummer, carlos, who was away on his honeymoon, the show rocked...

Lindzi.com: How's it feel to be back on the road?

Aaron: Scott says it feels great. He's in the bathroom peeing. We were just here a couple months ago. They just loved us so much that they had to have us back and that feels good.

Lindzi.com: What's your favorite place to hit?

Aaron: I like to hit the jar area. {laughs} I like to go Hawaii.

Lindzi.com: Very funny. So, this is the second leg of the tour. How's it going?

Scott: {{from the bathroom}} GREAT!

Aaron: It's been going pretty well. It's going to be our third show tonight. We're very excited. Ryland is going to be playing drums because Carlos, our usual drummer, is on his honeymoon. He'll be back in a couple weeks.

Ryland: Not if I can help it.

Lindzi.com: Why'd you decide to extend the tour?

Aaron: The reason we decided to do a second leg of this tour...

Ryland: ...because you can't walk on one!


Aaron: The last tour went so well and there were so many cities that we didn't hit. We're just so in demand right now. We had some offers and we had the time.

Scott: {{again, from the bathroom}} Because we gluttons for punishment!

Lindzi.com: What's the craziest thing you've done together?

Aaron: Something crazy just happened... Scott? Anything crazy happen lately?

Scott: Everybody who's been to our show has had a penis or a vagina.

Aaron: K, that's good. Oh, actually... no. Not very exciting. Oh, some kid he signed his organ donor card and we had to be his witnesses. No, that's not crazy. Some lady had us sign her baby.... No, nothing crazy out here. Oh, on the last tour this guy wanted to come up and propose to his girlfriend on the stage and we let them. That's about it. I'm not good at telling stories. Scott?! Will you hurry up? I'm ruining this interview!

Lindzi.com: Do you not like doing interviews?

Aaron: I love doing interviews. I'm just not ready.

Lindzi.com: Alright, then let's continue on. What do you do before you prepare for a show?

Aaron: Well, I do a hundred stomach crunches and push ups. I need to warm up my voice because when I get up there, I'm like "Ugggh."

Ryland: I do jumping jacks and I like to soak my hands in hot water.

Aaron: I had these guitar picks and when you light them on fire they go, "Woosh!" It's really cool. I should show you.

{{proceeds to show us -- exciting stuff}}

Lindzi.com: So, Rylan -- what's it like filling in for Carlos?

Ryland: It's been a lot of fun. I've known these guys for a couple years now. I played in another band and our guitar player did some touring with them. Their manager called me up and asked if I'd want to play some shows [since] Carlos was getting married. Honestly, I didn't even know who they were when I first moved out to Orange County.

Aaron: Scott are you done?

Scott: Washing my hands... gotta be cleanly.

Lindzi.com: What's your favorite song to perform on stage?

Scott: I like them all. I don't mean to toot our own horn, but when you're a musical genius like we are and every song you put out there becomes a hit, you can't help but like them all.

Lindzi.com: What are your thoughts on the recent terrorist incidents?

Scott: You can't tell your children anymore that there's no such thing as monsters living under your bed. My lady friend had some friends in NY who watched it go down. I'm glad to see the United States pulling together, but it's sad that such a horrific tragedy had to happen for us to pull together.

Lindzi.com: What are you doing to help out?

Aaron: We're donating some of our proceeds to charities. We're doing it anonymously. It's not important who's doing it, but that it's getting done.

Lindzi.com: That's really cool of you guys. Is there anything more you'd like to tell the fans?

Scott: We have a new album that we've been working on for two years and it looks like it might actually...

Aaron: ...finally...

Scott of Reel Big Fish: ...come out! Hopefully in March, but you never know. It's going to be called Better Late Than Never.

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