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rachel bilson (interview from 2005)

Five minutes with The OC's Rachel Bilson...

What were your high school years like?

Rachel Bilson: I had so much fun. Good times socially. I was in drama in high school, but it wasn't like the drama geeks. It was the cool, hippy-ish drama students. That was more me, I guess.

How are you and Summer similar?

Rachel Bilson: I should be, like, trained with these questions. We've morphed into one. After three years, you can't help it. She can be shallow and catty at times. I like to think that I'm not that way. Every girl has their moments, I guess.

What can you tell us about the upcoming season?

Rachel Bilson: I don't know yet. We haven't been let in on any secrets. I know Seth and Summer are pretty stable this year. So far.

What have you been up to this summer?

Rachel Bilson: I did a movie this summer. It's called The Last Kiss with Zach Braff. It was a lot of fun. I play a college student who represents youth and all that's good. It's about these guys who are getting dirty during a transition in their lives. So, I'm the young one.

Did you get to do much traveling this summer?

Rachel Bilson: The movie shot in Montreal and Wisconsin so that was my travel. [I traveled] from there to here. Then, back again I guess.

Any beauty tips?

Rachel Bilson: Always wear chapstick. Your lips are very important. I had sun poisoning once so I had to learn the hard way.


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