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pink (interview from 2000)

Lindzi.com: Which came first - the name or the hair?

Pink: The name. Many many years before the hair. It was always my nickname when I was a little girl. My friends named me that because I was the only girl in my click. I mean, my hair's been blue, green, tie-dyed, whatever.

Lindzi.com: What can we expect to see next?

Pink: I don't even know! {laughs} Something crazy!

Lindzi.com: What are your goals for your career?

Pink: I want to take over the world and paint it Pink!

Lindzi.com: Was there a specific person who influenced There You Go?

Pink: When I wrote that, I was really angry at someone that I'm probably still angry with. I don't write love songs because I'm not in love. So I basically write about experiences that I've had or stuff that's embarrassed me or even something that gets on my nerves. Basically, writing is my vent. So, There You Go was like that. I'd always wanted to have the upper hand in that relationship and the only way I could have that was through the song.

Lindzi.com: Tell me a little about your upcoming album.

Pink: It's crazy. My favorite word is eclectic. It's really hard for me to categorize it. To explain myself in a nut shell, I'm eclectic and versatile. I love like all kinds of music. Even over the hard hip hop tracks you can hear the influences from rock and gospel and opera and alternative. There's a lot of influences going on in my brain and that came out in the album so I'm really happy about that.

Lindzi.com: Which track is most like your personality?

Pink: Oh, Split Personality!

Lindzi.com: Split personality?! What drives you insane?

Pink: I hate fake people. I hate liars. Example: Someone comes up to you somewhere a party. Somewhere.. anywhere... on the street... "Hi Pink. I missed you so much. Oh my God, you look so good!" and they turn around and say "Why the hell did she wear that? What is wrong with her?" I'm a very honest person. Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth, but at the same time, it's like my motto. :: If you're truthful and honest you might not have that many friends, but you'll never have any enemies because everybody will always know where you coming from ::

Lindzi.com: You've said you've gone through many phases in your life, as do most people. What phase would you say you're in now?

Pink: See, that's the thing. I went through so many phases. I felt like I was grown when I was ten years old. Right now I don't really think I'm going through phases. I think that all the places I've been and all of the things that I've tried and all of the avenues I went down, I made one big street with it and I'm on that street right now. I'm just kinda in between everything. I'm a collaboration of everywhere I've been and everything I've liked. Now, it's just the best of everything.

Lindzi.com: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Pink: Definitely Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. I would love to do a song with Tina Marie. Wow, Lauryn Hill. Their individuality and honesty is what I find most appealing.

Lindzi.com: Is there anything that you didn't get a chance to put on this album that we can expect to find within your sophomore album?

Pink: There's tons of stuff. I'm on LA's last nerve right now. I'm the type of person... I keep writing and writing and writing and I keep coming up with songs and we just had to close the album. It was getting to be ridiculous. It was like "What about this one? What about this one?" I have to give some of them away and keep some of them and just keep writing. With me, it's like sparatic. I can not write for two months and then just have a week where I can't sleep I'm writing so much. I could be looking in someone's window and they could be having an argument and I'll just start writing. I'll sit down on the pavement and write on the sidewalk. I just have to write. I have to write it to read it. I'm so much better at writing than I am at talking.

Lindzi.com: I understand you're close with your father. How has he affected your life and your career?

Pink: He's actually my manager. My dad and I are best friends. My mom and dad split up when I was about 7. I stayed with my mom until I was about 14 when she kicked me out. I didn't have very much contact with my dad in between those years, but up until I was 7, he raised me. Now, we're basically the same person. I'm him reincarnated. I have his attitude, his mouth, his insight... everything. He writes poetry. He sings, plays guitar. He was a Vietnam veteran. A boxer. Whenever we talk, it's like I'm talking to myself, but a much wiser version. I've written songs about Vietnam from being a kid growing up with that knowledge of war.

Lindzi.com: What does your father think of all of this?

Pink: It's funny. My dad told me the other day, "I tell people what my kids do and they don't believe me." My brother's a pilot in the air force. He flies F15's. My dad was in the air force and loaded bombs in Vietnam and he sang in a group in the air force. It's like me and my brother are living out both of his dreams and this is all thanks to him. He's given me so many different kinds of strength. He didn't teach me a bias version of life. He gave me reality and always taught me to be open minded and to respect people who respect me. He raised me right.


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