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O-Town? When was the last time these guys were actually in Orlando? They should seriously start considering a new name. More appropriately, they should be called Dedicated. After a whirlwind tour including pit stops at TRL, these guys can't seem to get a break. Back on the road for a few radio gigs before embarking on a new headlining tour, O-Town took some time to chat with us...

Lindzi.com: What's the biggest misconception about hitting it big?

Ashley: That we had or that people had of us?

Lindzi.com: That the group had.

Trevor: We thought it would be a lot more about the music.

Jacob: In the beginning, it was. Whether we were in a band or studying music at school, we were trying to find our way into the music industry at home.

Lindzi.com: How did Making the Band change that?

Jacob: Some of us didn't really know that we were buying into a television show. It was just the product of what we were chasing after. I think we all assumed it would be a lot more music orientated in the beginning, which is a lot of the struggle you saw on the show. We were focusing on the music and trying to develop and grow and the show kinda held us back.

Lindzi.com: Now, you've had more time to develop and your sophomore album is coming out. What can you tell us about it?

Ashley: Our album, in a nutshell? Without going too much into it, we've gotten to be very hands on with it. The first album came out so quickly we didn't have that opportunity.

Lindzi.com: How do the two albums compare?

Ashley: Clive Davis has allowed us to write songs and be involved in the selection of the material. We're at the final stages now. It's coming out this summer and we're excited about being represented as songwriters.

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