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nsync (interview from 1999)

Lindzi.com: You guys have been touring for quite a few months now. What kind of experiences have you had so far?

Lance Bass: There are so many great experiences we have had throughout our career, but I think getting to meet the people you have admired growing up and becoming friends with them [is the greatest].

Lindzi.com: What do you guys do in between shows for fun?

Lance Bass: In between shows we don't have much time for ourselves -- it's always traveling to the next city. We do have a lot of fun on the bus, though.

Lindzi.com: How would people have described you in high school?

Lance Bass: Very social. I was definitely a people person and never was a part of any clique. I was friends with everyone.

Lindzi.com: One of my fave songs is "Giddy Up." However, it's obviously not about riding horses. What does the song mean to you? Can we expect to see a music video for it?

Lance Bass: I don't think there will be a music video for it. Giddy Up means "have fun" "get up and get your groove on."

Lindzi.com: What type of girl are you attracted to?

Lance Bass: I like an innocent type of girl. Very sweet and a religious girl.

Lindzi.com: Which female celebrity is tearin' up your hearts?

Lance Bass: There's really no one I've seen that interests me yet.

Lindzi.com: If someone walked in your room right now, what would they see?

Lance Bass: A mess! When I go home I just dump all my stuff in my room and leave.

Lindzi.com: If you were to make a time capsule for the group, what would you put in it?

Lance Bass: Our CD and American Music Award!

Lindzi.com: What drives you iNS@NE?

Lance Bass: Justin, Joey, Chris, and J.C.

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