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nsync (interview from 2001)

The group held a press conference with select journalists. Here's your ticket in. . .

Would you like to make an opening statement?

Chris Kirkpatrick:  JC sure would.

JC Chasez:  Yes. I would like to welcome everybody to the Jerry Lewis Telethon. And your donations are greatly appreciated.

(haha. Okay, let's get to it, guys!)

What are your favorite tracks off the upcoming album and why?

Lance Bass:  One of my favorites is Gone. It's a ballad that Justin wrote. It's something different that I don't think anyone has ever heard. It is very eerie sounding and plain. There [are] no huge sound effects. It's very bare. It goes back to where we started. You can hear all five voices and it's lot of harmonies. I think that's one of my favorites.

JC Chasez:  Give him two man.

Lance Bass:  Just The Two of Us. I like that one. JC wrote that one. It's cool because it has that two-step vibe to it. It really stands out to me. It's a fun track. You can dance to it and have a lot of fun with it.

JC Chasez:  Chris?

Chris Kirkpatrick:  Go ahead.

JC Chasez:  Okay, I'm going to pick Pop as one of them because it's got an energy that I don't think anyone has captured. It is so unique. It's got a mixture of everything. It's got rock guitars with a dance beat with harmonies and aggression in the vocals as far as the chanting. I love that track... and I like the last track on the album. It's called Do Your Thing. The vocals on that song are just great. When you listen to the harmony there is something special in them and they've got a great feel.

Lance Bass:  True. Christopher?

Chris Kirkpatrick:  I don't have one. I like them all. I think every song on the album is awesome. I could tell you great things about every song on the album. This is going to be a great album. People aren't going to fast forward because [they're] going to find something interesting about every song.

JC Chasez:  I concur, sir.

Chris Kirkpatrick:  Yeah, I know. You have to. I'm older.

Whose idea was it to get Stevie Wonder to play in Something Like You?

Chris Kirkpatrick:  That was Justin and Robin's idea to get Stevie Wonder. They had a harmonica in the beginning, but they said it would be perfect if Stevie would play on this song. Justin said he was really intimidated because, if something was a little bit wrong, he had to say, "Stevie, could you do this just a little bit different?" [Justin would] get off the talk back and say, "I just told Stevie how to do something, which I shouldn't." So, it was kind of cool.

What are your expectations for the upcoming album? Think you'll break the record?

JC Chasez: I think we'd probably be more obsessed with it if it was the only thing on our mind. I think one of the best things about being on tour is that, we are so wrapped up in the tour, [the album's] not the only thing on our mind. I don't know if we are going to break the record. Right now, we are hoping it goes well. We are getting the audience reactions because we [have been] playing half the album on the tour. We are looking at the audience and seeing if they are digging it. So far, we like the reaction we are getting.

Chris Kirkpatrick:  If people don't think we're going to break our record that takes the pressure off of us.

JC Chasez:  If we do, it's great. If we don't, we're not going to complain about it. Music is in a different place in the sales market. Nobody is doing the numbers that they did last year. Music was selling at an all time high, last year.

Chris Kirkpatrick:  I think the best thing about it is the fact that we could sell a million and a half records in one week's time and suddenly [we'd] be falling off. To us, that [wouldn't] bother us at all because we've put together such a solid album.

[The song] Pop sounds like you guys feel like you have something to prove. It sounds like you are looking a bit for respect. Since you guys sell zillions of records as it is, why is respect important to you?

Lance Bass:  Well, it's not one of those things where we are going out there complaining, "Oh we need respect." We are basically making fun of the whole thing. We get respect from a lot of people and a lot of our peers. And it makes us happy. But we do what we love to do. We make the music that we like to listen to and that we like to perform. If people like that and want to respect that, that's great. If they don't, then that's their own opinion and we respect that. With Pop, the reason Justin wrote that was to get the word Pop out there. Not to complain. Everyone was so afraid of the word Pop. Every time you [said] it someone would cringe. So, he decided to write a song named Pop just to get it out there and explain exactly what Pop is.

What you are going to do to avoid falling into what the rest of the groups like you have?

Chris Kirkpatrick: Everybody says that. When we first started they were like, "Oh you are going to be together for three years. That's the life span."

Lance Bass:  "Yeah, you'll have one album. You'll be together three years. Two albums and it's over."

JC Chasez:  This is actually our fourth album, as a group. Not here in America but, we've been together for six years. And we're still going strong. I think this is the happiest we've ever been.

Lance Bass:  We are already planning out next year.

JC Chasez:  I mean we always have a year in advance in our heads and even in our schedules. So, we're not going to go anywhere. We enjoy proving the critics wrong.

What do you see yourselves doing once 'N Sync is over?

Chris Kirkpatrick:  I think the cool thing about us is we, as best friends, will go on to do a lot of things together. I think 'N Sync will be around forever. I think we will continue to come together and make music and release albums even if only five people get it. Maybe we'll have a big production company together that will have artists because we can't sell any more albums. But I think together we will do a lot of things.

Lance Bass:  Kind of like the old saying, two heads are better than one. Well five [are] pretty cool too.

Lance, tell us a little bit about On the Line, your upcoming movie. Are there going to be any 'N Sync songs on the soundtrack?

Lance Bass:  Yeah, I think we are going to release it in early October. We are still editing it right now. It's going through a couple of screen tests already. I'm very excited about it. It was something that I always wanted to do and it was my first time producing also. The soundtrack is going to be great. We have two songs on it. I think Chris wrote one called Fallen. What's the other one? I don't even know what the other song is.

Chris Kirkpatrick:  Is it That Girl?

Lance Bass:  Yeah it's That Girl. Those are two songs that you can't find anywhere except on soundtrack. It should be exciting.

How much do each one of you contribute to the humor of things?

Chris Kirkpatrick:  I think one of the best things about this group is the chemistry. We don't have the Spice Girls thing going on where one of us does this and one of does this and one of us does this. It's five of us. We're best friends. A couple of us went canoeing and camping, the last couple of days. We had a great time making fun of each other. We enjoy each other's company.

You all seem to be pretty clean cut and get along. So, years from now, when you end up on Behind the Music, what do you hope they leave out?

JC Chasez:  The time that I was a crack addict.

Chris Kirkpatrick:  Everything about me.

JC Chasez:  You know, when I woke up in the streets every morning. No, I don't know. I mean, we're pretty cool.

Chris Kirkpatrick:  Don't leave anything out. We're ourselves. I think that's the appeal. We don't get up there and preach to people and say do this, do this, do this. We just say we're human. We make mistakes. We screw up. We never go out and tell people not to do anything. We're clean cut to a point, but we like to have fun too just like everybody else. I think we are basically five of the most average Joe's you'll ever meet in your life. I mean the coolest thing is [when] people meet us and go, "I didn't realize you guys were just so cool." We're not trying to be anything we're not. We have a good time. We enjoy people. We enjoy hanging out with everybody. We enjoy our music. We enjoy what we do. We enjoy touring. We enjoy every aspect of our job. So, why not just have fun with it. If we are getting paid to do what we absolutely love, why would we ever be cynical about it or why would we need anything else to make us any better people.

Lance Bass:  We'll have the most boring Behind the Music special.

JC Chasez:  Probably.

Chris Kirkpatrick:  No not really. We'll have some good juice but...

Lance Bass:  We need not create some drama.

Chris Kirkpatrick:  We have drama. I'll make some drama.

Lance Bass:  All right you do it. I'm leaving.

Chris Kirkpatrick:  We said drama, Lance. Not excitement.

Lance Bass:  Oh.

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