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nine days

Lindzi.com: Where'd the name "Nine Days" come from?

Nine Days: True story? We started the band and did the whole entire record in nine days, but the last song we finished was called Nine Days of Rain. We finished it on the ninth day so we were just like, "That's the name of our band!"

Lindzi.com: Were any other crazy names considered?

Nine Days: There's really only one other name that we considered and that was Watership. It came from a string of other names that we had used in other bands. There was really nothing else. That was it.

Lindzi.com: Did a specific someone inspire Story of A Girl?

Nine Days: Yes. I was at a gig, doing sound check, and I was there with my girlfriend. We were aggravating each other. She just walked away and it really wasn't a big deal. She walked to the other side of the room as I was thinking, "Eggh, she drives me nuts!" As I'm thinking this thought, I look across the room and see her talking to a bunch of people and she's laughing about something. I just thought, "She really drives me crazy, but I love her when she's happy. When she's smiling and laughing." I don't know really what happened. I just started singing the chorus in my head. I went over and picked up my guitar. The song was really one of the easiest I've written.

Lindzi.com: How does one write a song?

Nine Days: It all depends. You can start with a lyric or a guitar part. You can be inspired by someone else's song. It could be anything. I usually get my best ideas while I'm driving. Something will pop into my head and I'll have to turn the radio off and sing it all the way home so I don't forget it.

Lindzi.com: You should start carrying around a tape recorder.

Nine Days: I just bought one a month ago. I'm finally documenting my ideas. Now that we're on the road there's not as much time to do these things. Finally, when I do go home, hopefully I'll have time to sit back and listen to them.

Lindzi.com: What's life on the road like?

Nine Days: We've dreamed about this for a long time. We've been on the road for about six or seven months. We know that we have at least another year, at least, on the road ahead of us just for this album. You have to pace yourself. You can't let it overwhelm you. We're having a good time.

Lindzi.com: What song off the record are you really into?

Nine Days: So Far Away -- it's usually what we close our show with because you really get to let loose!

Lindzi.com: What type of music are you guys into?

Nine Days: We listen to everything. I just got the new Wallflowers CD, which is really good. I'm waiting for new the U2 record to come out. I like heavy stuff too, but I'm not a fan of Limp Bizkit at all. I personally think that they're all just hype.

Lindzi.com: Any crazy 'on stage' moments?

Nine Days: When Jeremy's pants fell down. It was quite embarrassing for all of us. No, I'm kidding. That never happened! Jeremy has knocked his keyboards over a couple times. He tends to rock out on 'em. You don't often think of a keyboard player really rocking it, but Jeremy's really determined to reinvent the position of the keyboard player.

Lindzi.com: What drives you insane?

Nine Days: People who leave stuff all over the tour bus!

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