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mya (interview from 2001)

We joined Mya in South Beach for Ocean Drive Magazine's annual Volleypalooza! The event brought out thousands of golden gods and goddesses, ready to show skin and play volleyball. For Mya, the day wasn't all fun and games, however. It was pretty insane, in fact. And finding a moment to catch up with the R&B star proved to be quite a challenge. Lo and behold, however... In between rounds and performances, we {{{finally}}} had the chance to chat it up with the songstress herself...

Lindzi.com: Your performance rocked. The crowd went nuts when Case of the Ex came on! In honor of which, have you ever had your own case of the ex?

Mya: Actually, no. The experience with the ex-girlfriend coming back around, I didn't truly experience, but I have experienced it with other girls cheating.

Lindzi.com: In between songs you mentioned that you had just come from your hometown of Maryland. You must do so much traveling. What's something that you've learned out on the road?

Mya: Something that I learned about myself is that I have a high tolerance level. {laughs}

Lindzi.com: Comes in handy when you're stuck on the bus for hours at a time! {laughs} South Beach is known for having some of the most unique styles around. Where do you like to shop?

Mya: I really like to shop overseas because you don't get the same stuff in America and I guess no one else has access to it. So, probably in Europe or something like that.

Lindzi.com: Very cool. What's your ultimate goal in life?

Mya: My ultimate goal in life is, of course, to be happy with myself and to share all of my experiences.

Lindzi.com: Well, thanks for sharing this one with us. I'll let you get back to the festivities. Wouldn't want to miss out on the hot bod contest, right? Just kidding. Take care!

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