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Lindzi.com: How have you been since we last spoke?

Sohanny: Busy, busy, busy. We've been in Spain. The album was released over there. We're just waiting for it to come out here.

Lorena: We know it's summer. We don't have an exact date yet, but we're
hoping it's early summer. We're starting to do promotion.

Carla: You'll see us around. {giggles}

Lindzi.com: And I understand you were just in Spain?

Carla: We got back last night. We've been there twice and we're going back in two weeks. Our album was released a week ago. We're getting a great response.

Lorena: People are holding signs for us already. That's the first place people are getting to know the new Miami Sound Machine. It's so important for us to release it in the United States because this is our home.

Carla: {laughter} We have good things. We were leaving for Spain. We had two shows already and another the next day -- and this girl {{points to Sohanny}} can't leave because her visa wasn't taken care of! We had to leave by ourselves, do two shows by ourselves -- live by ourselves.

Lorena: Carla was freaking out.

Sohanny: I was so proud of them. Honey, I had luggage in the airport and everything and suddenly they told me I couldn't go. I'm like, "Come on -- am I the only alien here?"

Carla: Also, we keep getting hurt on stage. Have you seen these heels?

Sohanny: Your strap will come off and you'll think you're dancing in sandals on stage.

Lorena: That happened to me in Valencia. You're supposed to be dancing and it became like a flip flop shoe.

MSM: {{aughter}}

Lindzi.com: Okay, we're going to keep this short because after our hour long interview, I don't know what more can be said! But -- who are you most excited to be performing with tonight?

MSM: {{in unison}} Celine Dion!

Lorena: This is our second time. We will never get enough. Every chance that we get, we appreciate. Last time we were on an aircraft carrier with her. It was a wonderful show.

Sohanny: It was her, Mark Anthony, Jessica Simpson, Cuba Gooding Jr.

Carla: We hung out with her for a little while. Not only is she a good singer, but she's a wonderful person.

As are these girls. They may be busy, but they don't allow the industry's hectic nature to affect their personality -- or their performance.

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