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Emilio Estefan and Jon Secada put their good taste in music to use when they created  Latin's new flavor, MSM. Tempted to sample their sound? Have a helping!

Lindzi.com: How did MSM come together?

Lorena: I came to Miami with a purpose. I wanted to work with Emilio -- of course everyone does. I happened to join a gym and I saw him there. That's how I made the relationship. We were friends. He found out through a mutual friend that I was a singer. I didn't want him to know that because I didn't want him to think that that's why I wanted to be his friend; I wanted to regardless. He asked me to do a demo because he said he was working on a project. So, I did and here I am!

Carla: While all of that was going on, I took a vacation to Italy. My mother always told me when I go into a church to make a wish. So, I went into each church and wished that I'd get to work with Emilio. Two months later, when I returned, my wish came true. I was working with some of his producers and they were my little cheerleaders. They kept pushing for me with Emilio's project. They were trying so hard that when Emilio finally met me, he jokingly asked, "Are you giving them 10% or something?" After listening to my demos, he welcomed me into the group.

Sohanny: My miracle story... Emilio and Gloria were huge role models for me growing up. I've only been in Florida for about a year. My mom and I were the first ones to come. We had been sleeping on the floor on those beds that you blow up with air. She finally decided to get furniture. The guy who was delivering it was really friendly and my mom was telling him that I sang. He said, "I don't know why I'm telling you this. My wife would kill me, but she happens to work for Emilio and Gloria Estefan." My mom called me at work and told me. I was like, "Ma! Come on. Haven't you noticed that everyone seems to have some story connecting them to the Estefans? You're talking about the guy who delivered your furniture." She urged me to call him. I did, but they weren't accepting demos at the time. Four months later, I got a call and they were looking for another girl.

Lindzi.com: Wow! That's amazing! And there are so many singers out there...

Carla: In life, if you love something so much you have to prepare yourself for when that opportunity presents itself. When the door opens, thank God that you have the ability to go for it.

Sohanny: It's so important not to give up on your dreams. Jon Secada told me that he cut five demos before working with Emilio. That says something. We all worked hard to get where we are. I'm not ignorant. I realize there's a lot of competition out there, but there was no way anybody could tell me that I couldn't do it.

Lindzi.com: What do you think set you apart from other girls they were considering?

Lorena: We were brought together by Emilio, but he picked us based on similar characteristics.

Carla: He made it very clear that the most important thing was the personality of each of the girls. You put three girls together and they don't always click, but we do.

Lindzi.com: I can tell just from hanging around you girls. You have such energy together! So, tell me... what does MSM stand for?

Lorena: Miami Sound Machine. Gloria Estefan was representative of the sound on the streets in Miami in the 80's. We represent the new sound. We have a fusion of hip hop, R &B, Latin... mixed in with pop undertones.

Lindzi.com: How does the album compare to the Latin/Pop sound on your first single?

Carla: Four of them have a similar sound to our first single, "I'm The Only One." Some are very Latin. One has a bit of reggae. Others have a R&B edge to them. We have a lot of different sounds, but our voices tie it together.

Lindzi.com: Yes, it has a lot of Pop undertones. Are you fans of Pop music?

{{All}} Definitely!

Sohanny: We love Pop. Our first performance was with 'N Sync in South Beach.

Lorena: It was amazing to be a part of something so big. We're big 'N Sync fans. They have so much energy. They're great Pop representatives. We didn't actually get to meet them because we had to go home and sleep to leave for an early flight the next day. I'll let you in on a little secret. Right after our performance, before they were going on, there was a little window open. We started hearing some noise. When I peeked in, it was them. They were getting ready for the show.

Carla: I was on the other side peeking in. They didn't see us, but we got caught by their security people. We were hoping they wouldn't know who we were. Maybe one day we'll tell the guys.

Lindzi.com: I think you just did... maybe they'll come across this interview! {laughs} What's a typical day like for you girls?

Lorena: Lately it's a mess. We're going through a transition because we're not in the studio anymore, but we're not doing concerts just yet. We've been doing a lot of press. Whenever I'm not so busy, I'll sleep because we don't get much on the road and then I'll usually go to the gym. We all love the gym. Then, we'll go to the movies.

Carla: I don't know if we have typical days anymore. I'll wake up and think it's going to be a typical day and will receive a call, "Get up! You need to be at this event." It's hard to put your finger on which day is the typical day.

Sohanny: A typical day for me is relaxing. I like to watch movies with my sisters. I'm always ready for that call that I have to be somewhere.

Lindzi.com: How tough is it not knowing what each day has in store for you?

Lorena: This is what we've been waiting for! Even though they don't tell us things ahead of time, we're happy to do them.

Carla: In this career, you've always got to be ready. You never know when your moment is going to come.

Lindzi.com: What were your high school years like?

Lorena: It was fun, but I didn't have much time to go to parties because I was always doing music. At that point, I was singing for a Latin band. I have wonderful memories.

Carla: I was always doing talent shows or drama. I never got into the dating thing because I was so focused on the music. All my memories are of singing or being in a play.

Sohanny: For me, high school years were the best. It was hard coming here and leaving all my friends behind. I was friends with everybody.

Lindzi.com: Carla, you didn't date much in high school? I would imagine it'll only get tougher from here. What's the dating scene like for you girls?

Carla: Lindzi, it sucks. When was the last time I went on a date?

Lorena: Even though we have friends and meet people all the time, at this point, it's too difficult. We are open to possibilities. You meet nice people all the time. It's not like we can't hang out and have fun, but nothing serious.

Sohanny: I haven't been here very long. I don't know many people here. When it comes to dating, no time.

Lindzi.com: It's funny because so many songs out there are dedicated to love... and, yet, so many of the people singing about it don't have time to embrace the feeling!

Carla: See, it's cool because we're all have little puppy loves. We can all identify with the songs and get into them so much that we can imagine how it feels. It's hard, though. You'll watch movies and be like, "I want that." We're girls. We get emotional.

Lindzi.com: So true! Which one of you is the most emotional?

Lorena: I'm going to go with her... {{points to Carla}}

Sohanny: Though, remember when they showed us our MSM stickers, I started crying.

Lindzi.com: What's the craziest thing you've done together?

Carla: We do have fun slumber parties. It's not really crazy, but we'll do masks together. Wait until we go on tour. Give us a call and we'll let you know.

Lindzi.com: What's something fans would be surprised to learn about you?

Carla: They'd be surprised that I was very shy for a while. I was shy for many years. One day, I came out of my shell.

Lindzi.com: We've reached the signature question... what drives you insaaaane??

Lorena: Deserts! My sole reason for working out so much is so that I can eat whatever I want on the weekends. Haagen-Dazs ice cream drives me insane!

Carla: Sushi! Whenever they ask what I want to eat, I say, "Sushi."

Sohanny: Food... I enjoy food. All different kinds. I'll say, "Girls, you hungry?" This one {{points to Carla}} will say, "Sushi!" I'm like, "Pizza!" I like food from different cultures though.

Carla: As a group, we love food! And clothes!

Their publicist, Dave, jumps in: And what drives you bad insane, girls? Foal language. Waking up early.

Carla: If you have an hour to sleep and someone wakes you up before that, that annoys me off.

Lorena: Not pointing fingers at anyone... {{points to Sohanny}}

Carla: {laughs} No, not necessarily.

Dave: And Lorena doesn't like when people tell her she talks too much.

Lorena: No, that doesn't bother me.

Chatting with MSM is like gabbing with your girlfriends... they're a blast to chill with! Their music is just as fun. Be sure to listen for and request their first single, "I'm The Only One."

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