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michelle branch (interview from 2001)

With a platinum album and a second hit single, All You Wanted, Michelle Branch is Everywhere! Although exhausted from a radio show, she took the time to answer a few questions for us.

Lindzi.com: When you're on stage, you have all the confidence in the world. However, all teenage girls are insecure about one thing or another. What makes you insecure?

Michelle Branch: I get really insecure before a show when I don't know what to wear. Sometimes I'll try to be a little more dressed up or a little more girly than I actually am. I get really uncomfortable.

Lindzi.com: So, what do you do to get over it?

Michelle Branch: I'll be like, "Okay, back to the jeans and t-shirt or back to the hat." I'm always insecure if I don't feel comfortable. I'm a big advocate of sweatpants. If you feel comfortable in them, do it! That's what's going to make you feel confident.

Lindzi.com: How do you think people view you?

Michelle Branch: The biggest misconception with me is that -- now, for some reason -- people find it hard to see someone who is my age who does things on their own and who writes songs. Everyone's like, "Yeah, Michelle Branch is good, but she's probably put together like everyone else. I don't believe she writes her own songs."

Lindzi.com: Definitely annoying! You've been writing your own music since the beginning.

Michelle Branch: Yeah and I think that there's a lot of young people out there who are talented, but people don't give us enough credit.

Lindzi.com: Absolutely. That would drive me insane! Speaking of which, I have to ask you the signature question... what drives you insane?

Michelle Branch: It drives me insane when people assume things or take things out of context. Sometimes people can say, "Oh, she said this." But they assume that I meant it one way. Or I'll hear other stories about other people that way. I hate when people do that.

It is refreshing to see how unaffected Michelle is by her new found fame. Either she's that bubbly or should seek an acting career in addition to music. We don't see how anyone could have misconceptions about the girl. She's blatantly talented and sweet... no question about it!

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