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mandy moore (interview from 1999)

What do you get when you have it all - intelligence, beauty, a wonderful personality, and talent? You get Mandy Moore, America's newest fifteen-year-old, pop sensation. 

Lindzi.com: How did you get into singing professionally?

Mandy Moore: I was discovered when I was in the studio recording a demo and someone I didn't know took this unfinished demo and presented it to some people he knew at record labels. It was totally unfinished, so rough, no production, but I guess people at these labels really liked it and, eventually, meetings were set up. I was so lucky - just in the right place at the right time.

Lindzi.com: What was it like hearing yourself on the radio for the first time?

Mandy Moore: I was so used to hearing it at my shows that it didn't really click at first. It is the coolest feeling in the whole world and I don't know how anybody can get used to that.

Lindzi.com: Hmmm... and touring with 'N Sync? How could anyone get used to that?

Mandy Moore: It was so cool. I really respect them and their music, but I kinda went in and didn't necessarily expect really normal down to earth people. Then again, I didn't expect them to be these big headed people! They were just so nice. I know people say that, but they are sooooo down to earth, like regular guys. They deserve all the success they have now and in the future.

Lindzi.com: You've toured with 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys. Now what? Who would you love to tour with next?

Mandy Moore: Oh my gosh! I don't know. {pauses to think for a moment} I would love to tour with Janet Jackson or Madonna if she ever did another. She doesn't strike me as the type of person who has this new tour coming up, but I would love to tour with either one of them. I would be nervous every night.

Lindzi.com: Do you ever get intimidated by the stars you've worked with?

Mandy Moore: Touring with 'N SYNC was intimating. I was also kinda star struck every time I saw the guys or Jordan Knight because I look up to them. I looked up to Jordan, of course, when he was with New Kids On the Block and now. They're talented and I respect them and their music so much, but it's also intimidating at the same time because of who they are. It was [also] intimidating when I first came up to the Sony building. All these people work with Mariah Carey and Korn.

Lindzi.com: How do you feel about being compared to Britney Spears?

Mandy Moore: I think it's pretty cool. I mean she's doing her thing and she's on top right now. There are differences, though. I think when my album comes and people see what I'm all about they're gonna see the differences hopefully right away. It's cool to be compared to her because I think she's great. She's selling so many records. What better person to be compared to?

Lindzi.com: How has all of this affected your personal life?

Mandy Moore: I don't get to see my friends as much. Other than that it's not anything too bad. I'm having so much fun doing this that sometimes I just want to stay out on the road. I miss the social aspect of it, but I don't miss homework, teachers, and all that stuff. I am tutored, but I do most of my tutoring by myself, on the road. When I'm home, I have a tutor.

Lindzi.com: P.Y.T. appears in your vid for Candy, did you become close with the group while on tour?

Mandy Moore: I was actually good friends with Lauren before she was in PYT. We did acting together. I saw her at TransCon, along with the girls, when they were recording there and it was cool to go on tour with them and bond because I didn't know any of the other girls.

Lindzi.com: Who did you admire growing up?

Mandy Moore: When I was little I looked up to Madonna and Bette Midler. I still do because they're so cool. I mean they're true chameleons in the business. They're always reinventing themselves - or at least Madonna does. Bette Midler has had such a well rounded career.

Lindzi.com: Your idols have dabbled with film. Is this something of interest?

Mandy Moore: When I was little, I was like, 'I want to be in movies and I want to record and I want to be on TV.' I definitely have aspirations to do that later in life. I started off doing live theatre. That's how I started singing and I have dreams to be on Broadway, later in life.

Lindzi.com: The signature question... what drives you insane?

Mandy Moore: Not having my license! I'm going to get that soon, though. Right, mom?

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