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Lindzi.com: When you were younger, did you know that this is what you wanted to do as a career?

Brad Fischetti: Yeah, I can speak for everybody in the group that this was one of the main goals. When I was much younger, I wanted to be a baseball player, but we've all always loved music.

Lindzi.com: What kind of music do you listen to?

Brad Fischetti: Well, let's see. . . the CD player next to my bed has Lauryn Hill in it -- which I love. Then the CD player in my living room has Whitney Houston, R. Kelly, and Chico DeBarge in it. The CD player in my car has DMX, Jay-Z, and stuff like that in it.

Lindzi.com: Please tell me about your CD.

Brad Fischetti: Our album is gonna be a real good mixture of rap, hip hop, pop -- it won't be like anything you've heard before. It'll be reminiscent of Bell Biv De Voe, which may be a little before your time.

Lindzi.com: Do you see the group together for years to come?

Brad Fischetti: Yeah, we think we have longevity. First of all, we write and produce most of our own music. We mix up a lot of different types of music within our music and we have a really good time on stage.

Lindzi.com: You guys did a tour with *N SYNC and 98 Degrees, who you are compared to quite often. What was this like for you?

Brad Fischetti: Actually, no body compares us to *N SYNC and 98 Degrees because we're nothing like them. Ya know? We're three guys and we don't sing five part harmonies. We rap -- our show is very hip hop -- we have a DJ. There's really no group like us. Sometimes people try to put us in the category of a boy group, but once they see the show, they realize that's not where we should be.

Lindzi.com: All three of you credit L.L. Cool J. as being an inspiration to you and you got to open for his tour. What was that like for you?

Brad Fischetti: That was pretty crazy. One of the first tapes I ever had was an L.L. Cool J. tape and they asked us to do his tour! We had a good time, though.

Lindzi.com: Were you nervous?

Brad Fischetti: When I met L.L., I'll tell you, I was nervous, but he was cool. He was real cool. Ya know, when you get into this business you learn that all these famous people are just like any body else. I mean, people are putting me in the same genre. A girl will walk up to me and cry when she meets me. When in reality, I'm no different then she is. I just have a different job.

Lindzi.com: Can we expect to see a world tour for L.F.O.?

Brad Fischetti: Definitely! We [went] to England and [did] a month long tour there. That should be cool and we'll be going back to the states and touring all through the summer time. Everything is going really well.

Lindzi.com: Do you guys have time for dating?

Brad Fischetti: We all try and date a little bit. The last date I went on the girl stood me up. I didn't tell her anything about my job -- she wondered. She asked me if I was like a movie star or something [because] I looked familiar. I was like, "Nah -- I sell vacuums." She stood me up twice. I haven't had good luck with girls.

Lindzi.com: Awww! We're sure that'll change soon!

Lindzi.com: What drives you iNS@NE?

Brad Fischetti: When I can't stick to some kind of program. Like, if I don't have time to go to the gym and clean my house and do my bills every night. I have to be very organized. So, when I can't do that, I go crazy. Like right now, I'm going crazy 'cause in the last three days I've been at the studio through all hours of the night. I haven't had a chance to work out. My house is a mess and I'm leaving for England and haven't even started getting ready. I need organization to keep sane.

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