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jesse mccartney (interview from 2005)


Jesse McCartney is every teen’s new day dream. This triple threat is a singer, actor, and personality. Get to know the WB Summerland’s favorite bad boy with a big heart…

How are you like your character Braden?
We’re not too much alike. I'm pretty anti-drug and alcohol. I've gotten slapped around by friends and family for having an attitude every now and then. But we’re different. I want to make sure Braden does his own thing. I do sing. I do have an album out, but Braden has no idea about that. I'm a huge sports fan. We're pretty alike in that sense. I love to water ski.

Braden probably wouldn’t listen to your music, huh?
Probably not. In the first season, he's into alternative rock bands. He's definitely not pop or R&B.

So, what’s new?
I just got my own place. As much as I love my parents, I'm looking forward to a little more freedom. I'm moving out and doing my own thing for a while. I'm very blessed obviously, but also excited to try this whole thing out on my own for a bit.

Tell us about your new place.
It's my first house in LA. And it's a nice, modest house. It's a duplex. I'm having a couple of my buddies live with me. It should be interesting. I'm going to ask my mom to make me a chart of what goes in warm water and what goes in cold water.

What’s something your mom’s done to embarrass you?
I think I've gotten the rubbing of the face or the pinching of the cheek in the middle of a press conference or a photo shoot. It's like, Mom. Go away. Go chill. Have some coffee. That's pretty embarrassing.

What’s been your biggest splurge?
My most expensive possession is definitely my little brother. He's a good luck charm. I love him. Or probably the house. That's a pretty big purchase. Something for myself? I mean, I got a car. What else? I'm definitely into jewelry. I have a ring I love. It's weird, huh? I love it.

What’s a typical week like for you?
I work on the show during the week. On the weekends, sometimes I'd work on the record. It can get stressful. I don't really get time for myself. For now. I'm trying to make everyone else the most important person.

Is it a hard balance between your career and finding time for yourself?
I asked for this and this is what I want. I really want it so badly. I'm going to be upset if it doesn't completely happen. I've come too far to quit now. I'm in. I'm done. I have to do it. That's my mind set.

What’s your biggest career goal?
As far as what I want to accomplish, there are a lot of things. I want to direct, write, produce... My main goal is that I want to do it successfully. Failure is not an option for me. I'd beat myself down too hard if that happened.

What would you want to do for a living, if not acting or singing?
I'd probably play golf. I'd become a golfer. I don't know. I don't see myself anywhere else.

How have things changed since you left home? What’s Hollywood been like?
There's definitely a lot of BS in Hollywood that people get wrapped up in and I watch it every time I go out and hang out with my friends. I just imagine my friends coming out here. If they came out here and saw that, they'd look down upon it and frown upon it. I feel the same way. You have to not get caught up in it and be yourself. That's what's going to take you the furthest. It's a big change. Growing up in New York in suburbia, all that’s there are basketball games and football games. Moving out here to huge Hollywood high life? Working on a huge tv show? It's a big change for me.

Are you going to the prom this year?
I do have a prom date lined up. I have a girlfriend. Her prom is in May and my prom is in June. We're going to fly over together. I'm doing double prom duty.

Who are dating?
Her name is Katie Cassidy. We met a few years ago. She dated one of my buddies in Dream Street for a while. We both moved out here. With approval from him, of course, and phone call from him, it happened. We're having a great time together.

He was ok with that?
He's my best friend. He approached me. He was like, “Go. I'm telling you.” He lives in NY and it was a long distance, over-the-phone thing and he has a serious girlfriend now.
What’s the most insane thing you’ve done?
I've bungee jumped. I did it in Dallas with one of my buddies. It was like over a thousand feet.

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