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jensen ackles

Press Talk :: Your ticket in...

What are you afraid of?

Jensen Ackles: Iím not scared of anything. What are you talking about? No. I used to be scared of uncertainty and now I think I get a high out of it. I think what Iíve used in this show is that blind fear of not knowing what youíre dealing with, not knowing whatís around the corner, and not knowing the person youíre going to run into. Iíve used that old uncertainty or fear for what I play up in here.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

Jensen Ackles: I remember my mother telling me a bunch of stories when she was growing up in Michigan. They creped me out, but I never experienced it myself. Iím on the fence about it. Iíd like to think that there are paranormal and unexplainable circumstances in this world, but part of me thinks thereís a scientific explanation for everything. It depends on what side of the bed I wake up on in the morning.

What we expect of your character?

Jensen Ackles: I think youíll see more of the side of Dean that he doesnít like to let out of the bag as the series progresses. Itís a front. Itís a show he puts on to protect who he really is and to protect the things that haunt both of these characters. Putting that front on helps him with daily life and with daily interactions with people and to do what he was born and feels like he was destined to do.

You've been on a number of WB shows. Is it required you do reoccurring roles on The WB before moving on to your own series? (Kidding.)

Jensen Ackles: Yeah, itís tenure. Thereís a bit of a show ladder. It was a flattering act for me to continue to work for these guys. They first cast me in Dawsonís and, before that, there was lots of trying to get me into other shows. It first culminated with Dawsonís and then on to Smallville. When they plucked me and Jared from other shows, and here we are with this amazing thing, it was a super confidence builder. Itís nice to have people who believe in you and the work that you do.

Will you be returning to Smallville at all?

Jensen Ackles: Probably not because Iíll be working my tail off every day of the week. These two characters are totally different. Dean is night and day from Jason on Smallville. Dean loves his family very much. Itís the core and the tragedy of who he is. With Jason, it was a skeleton in the closet. I really like the complexity of it. With the Smallville character, [the family story] was just something that happened along the way. This is a distinct presence of where heís coming from and who he is.

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