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jared padalecki

Five minutes with Jared Padalecki, star of The WB's Supernatural...

Lindzi.com: I watched the pilot late at night one night and was scared out of my mind. What's it like working on the show?

Jared Padalecki: It's great. It's not nearly as scary because there are like 30 crew guys standing around watching you, holding up microphones and putting up pieces of tape. It's not as scary by any means, but it's a fun show to work on. We have this amazingly intelligent cast and crew working on the show. I'm not going to include myself in that necessarily. Our writer, executive producer, director, McG... everybody collaborating on the show has a great set of work behind them. You just feel you're in capable hands.

Lindzi.com: How does it compare to your brush with fear... House of Wax?

Jared Padalecki: Well, shoot... Movies and TV are so different. You're shooting eight pages a day for TV. And one and a half for film. There's some similar stuff with visual affects and green screen work. You'll be sitting there screaming at a green wall or they'll say, "Look at that piece of tape and run." It's fun.

Lindzi.com: On MTV, they showed Chad Michael Murray having a blow-out over things going wrong on-set. Any moments like that on Supernatural?

Jared Padalecki: No. You know what? I want to clear that up about Chad. It's so funny because there was a camera following us for twenty-four hours each day for three months. Of course, because it's reality television, those fifteen seconds you go crazy [are captured]. He was working fifteen-hour-days, five days a week without really sleeping on the weekends. So, finally, one time, he got hurt. It's nothing that any actor wouldn't have done. The most professional actor in Hollywood would've said, "Hey. This is not okay." Because people get hurt. It's unfortunate. I mean, you hear about guys getting killed on-set. I respect the fact he stood up for himself.

Lindzi.com: That reality show also played up that you and Paris had a thing going on. And you have a girlfriend!

Jared Padalecki: Oh, God. Yeah. She thought I was cute and they played it up. They made it seem like it was something. Whatever. It's just one of those things. It's reality television. They think it will sell. Sandy knows that I'm madly in love with her.

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