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jonathan & richard jackson

Lindzi.com: You guys recently completed a film together. Tell me a little about it.

Richard Lee Jackson: We have been writing together for a few years. Crystal Clear was our first time getting out there behind the camera in a professional way. We had a lot of fun doing it and we love working together; writing, acting, and directing. We balance each other well. We like to get out our creative energy. We got to take that to the Brooklyn Film Festival. It did really well. We also worked together on an independent film, True Rights. It has done really well in the film festival circuit, as well.

Lindzi.com: Very cool. What are some of the other projects you've been working on independently?

Richard Lee Jackson: Madison is a film that premiered at Sundance [Festival] this year and it went over really well. James Caviezel is in it and some other really good actors. That is in the process of trying to get distribution. I'm not sure where, but it's looking good.

Jonathan Jackson: I did a guest spot on a show called Night Vision, which hasn't come out yet. It's an interesting show. They do a half hour and each week is a different plot with different actors. The show leans toward scary, creepy stuff. It's a pretty cool show. It's coming out on Fox. I also got to shoot a film, On The Edge, in Ireland. It was awesome. I'd always wanted to go there. I play a Northern Irish person in the movie. It's a darker subject line because it's about suicide. There's a love triangle in the story. It's a very different film. It's pretty witty.

Lindzi.com: Wow! Did you have to learn an Irish accent for the role?

Jonathan Jackson: I had already been pre-exposed to it from In The Name of the Father and The Boxers, which are two of my favorite movies. I practiced a lot of it on my own and I met with a lady for a couple of days to fine tune it. Most of the other actors were actually Irish. When I came back from filming the movie, I found myself saying words differently. The accent became natural to me. That was pretty weird.

Lindzi.com: You two sure keep busy! You write, direct, act, and--apparently--sing, as well. Tell me a little about your band.

Jonathan Jackson: When we first started, it was me, Richard, my dad, and my uncle. We've been making records and selling them over the internet for the past 3 or 4 years. We've been approached by record labels a few times in the past, but we're holding off for a lot of different reasons. We recently changed our name to Scarlet River instead of Scarlet Road and it's just going to be Richard and I. We'll use different musicians here and there. We're open for anything so we'll see what happens.

Lindzi.com: You work together so often. Is sibling rivalry ever an issue?

Jonathan Jackson: Not really. It used to be. Up until 5 or 6 years ago, we fought quite a bit. We were competitive with a lot of things. Things really changed around that time. It wasn't like it changed it one day. It was a gradual thing. We started to do things together instead of against each other. We'd make home movies together. Our parents told us, "Pretend like you like each other and say things that are nice even if you don't mean it." What's weird is that is worked. Pretty soon we started to believe what we were saying. We're best friends now.

Lindzi.com: What's the craziest thing you've done together?

Jonathan Jackson: Oh, boy. We do that quite often. A stupid thing that we did 5 or 6 years ago was in Knox Berry Farm. You know those games where you throw something at the bottles and try and knock them off the table to get a giant stuffed animal like a dog? Well, we spent quite a bit of time throwing at these bottles and we could never get them off. We really wanted a giant dog. The park was closing down and we saw that the back door was open where the stuffed animals were. Richard grabbed a bag of two giant stuffed animals, tossed down a five dollar bill, and started running with a really crazy look on his face. Yeah, that was really dumb. We definitely shouldn't have stolen those animals. We paid for them, but still it was wrong.

Richard Lee Jackson: That dog story's pretty funny to me. Another crazy thing was skiing down a black diamond when we weren't totally good at it yet. Jon zipped down the mountain and crashed pretty hard. That got a little crazy.

Lindzi.com: In honor of our prom issue, did you guys attend your own prom?

Jonathan Jackson: No, I got to go to the Emmy's a few times. It was kind of a trade of. It would have been fun. I did school on the set, depending on where I was working. The people I became friends with were basically the people that I worked with.

Richard Lee Jackson: Not really because I was working in Hollywood. I went to a dance with a friend of mine. I can't remember if it was a prom or not, but I've been to a few dances like that. I've had the general experience. The main thing, in thinking about proms, is that people stay safe and keep their heads on their shoulders. Have a lot of fun, but don't go too crazy. A lot of times those nights can get out of hand and get a little dangerous.

Lindzi.com: Good advice. Speaking of which, it seems as though girls today are under so much pressure to be perfect. Any advice?

Richard Lee Jackson: Stop reading the magazines! I think it's finding the value from something that isn't outward, something that's inside. I'd say be focused more on things of the heart because that affects how you see yourself. I'm not a woman, but I know that I feel better about myself when I'm in touch with God. That would be one way to look in the mirror and find beauty that's not about what everyone expects. I would say don't feel pressure to be perfect. The guys that desire the perfection are the guys you wouldn't want to be with anyway.

Lindzi.com: So true. And Hollywood is almost as catty as high school. Was it difficult growing up in this industry?

Jonathan Jackson: There's certain challenges that it brings that you wouldn't have to deal with otherwise. I started being recognized when I was 11. I think with anything in life you can either focus on the negatives or look at it as a challenge and become stronger from it.

Lindzi.com: Okay, but you must have some pet peeves. What drives you insane?

Jonathan Jackson: There are tons of songs that drive me crazy. Like that Mambo song and Who Let The Dogs Out is ridiculous. Songs like that annoy me. I'm sure there are other ones.

Richard Lee Jackson: When I'm late and I'm driving and it seems like everything's going wrong, those things can drive me insane.

Lindzi.com: And let's not forget about your insane schedule! Will college ever fit into the mix?

Jonathan Jackson: I've been going back and fourth with it and haven't made any final decisions. There are definitely some things I'd like to study and learn. I just don't know if I want to go through four years of college because my career is demanding of my time.

Lindzi.com: Do you have a favorite charity?

Jonathan Jackson: One that we've been involved with the most has been The Ronald McDonald House. We've had a lot of benefit concerts with them in Portland, Oregon. What they do for families is really cool. We've done things for other charities too, but that's the one we've been the most involved with.

Lindzi.com: What's the craziest thing a reporter has asked you?

Richard Lee Jackson: Where I've had sex. {chuckles} I didn't respond.

Lindzi.com: Yikes! What's the dating scene like for you?

Jonathan Jackson: I guess interesting would be the word. The people that I meet aren't from the school environment. I meet people around L.A. and stuff. I'm not all for dating actresses in general so it makes it pretty interesting. I'm not dating anyone right now.

Richard Lee Jackson: Well, I have a girlfriend so I'm pretty content.

Lindzi.com: What do you look for in a girlfriend?

Jonathan Jackson: I look at what her passions are. If God is everything to them, that's the most important thing to me. I've been in relationships where people aren't putting God first and end up being pretty nasty. I believe that the horizontal relationship can work out if the one above is doing alright.

Richard Lee Jackson: It's really about the character of the girl. Like Jon was saying, it's the same thing for me. It's her love for God because that's the foundation that makes something stable. As far as personalities go, I like to have a good time and be able to laugh with them. It's nice when they get along with the people in your life, as well.

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