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hilary duff (interview from 2004)

We know you tuned in for Hilary Duff’s MTV Video Music Award appearance. But only select few were present for her press conference. Or as we’d like to call it, her “press talk.” Here’s your ticket in…

Tell us about your album.
I wrote two songs on the album. It's much more rock than my last album. In the last year, I've gone through a lot of stuff and I feel like that comes out in the album. There's so much negativity that goes on. [The album’s] about opening up.

What do you think it takes to be hot in this day and age?
So many people have their own thing going on. Confidence is what is so important. Some would say it's what people wear, but I think it's confidence that makes someone attractive.

What’s the hardest part of your job?
The hardest part of my job is not having any time to myself. Every time you go outside or go to a restaurant or try and shop, someone's looking at you. People don't understand when they see you one-on-one that maybe you had the longest day or something. But when you see how excited they get, it makes it worth it.

How do you stay fit?
I'm young. I don't know. I don't diet. I eat really bad. I eat junk food all the time. I have a trampoline and that helps.

How was touring?
I loved it so much. I got to do it with my sister which was even better. We had so much fun on the road. We've been lucky to have people coming out and supporting us. It's a cool feeling.

Who are you dating these days?
I read all the time that I'm dating new people. But it's not true. I don't have a boyfriend and I'm not dating anyone. I'm always working. My car is my boyfriend.

Anything notable about your new video?
It's all a live video. It shows backstage stuff and it's promoting the movie. It's actually the first concert that we filmed. We had to do the song 3 times. The day before we had to do all the close-up shots. Usually I perform in Converse, but I performed in heels because it looks better on camera. There were probably only about two-hundred people. I was walking up the steps and I slipped all the way down.

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