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eva mendez

You’ve starred alongside hotties Matt Damon and Greg Kinear in Stuck on You. Hooking up with other male stars would just be greedy, right? Well, Eva Mendez has done it again. This time she’s getting HITCHed with Will Smith. Prior to the film’s release, the Cuban beauty stopped by the MTV Music Awards for a press talk…

The awards are in Miami this year. What’s it like being back?
I was born in Miami. Going back was exciting. It makes me happy. I call it Vegas on the beach. It's nothing but fun. Having the VMA's here is a great thing for the city. Besides having a bunch of pissed off neighbors.

What are you working on these days?
I just finished something with Will Smith. I don't know if you've heard of him. He's a little actor. He's unbelievable. He just finished his first romantic comedy and I'm lucky enough to be his love interest in it. He makes me a better actor. I like that. He challenges me and makes me grow. If you don't do your homework and don't have your shit together, it's sink or swim. Are you talented enough to vibe with someone so great?

What bands do you love?
I'm a huge fan of Strokes. They're my favorite band. It's an obsession that’s borderline scary. I just did a video for them.

What’s your dream role?
This going to sound funny... I'd like to play Sandy from Grease. That'd be so cool. People would think I'd be Rizzo for some reason, but I'd love to play Sandy.

What do you think your mother will say about your outfit from this evening?
My mother is very Cuban. She's going to be like, "Why, don't you wear pretty dress that hugs your body? And your hair? Put it up. Make it pretty." She wants pretty from her all the time. I'm going to hear it from her.

What’s your favorite scent?
So weird. I love Pinesol. I have it my house all the time. I put it on the rug so the smell can take over the house. Is that weird or what?

Who’s more fun? Matt or Greg?
They're both fun for different reasons.

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