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dave annable (interview from 2005)

Dave Annable of Reunion on Fox...

Lindzi.com: What were your high school years like?

Dave Annable: My high school years were pretty fun. Freshman year, I was actually kinda heavy for two years. That was a little bit difficult, but I think everybody has to go through it to learn. I had my little sister. She was a grade under me. I'm still friends with a lot of people from high school. You carry a lot of those friendships on.

Lindzi.com: What do your friends think of your fledging career?
Dave Annable: They think it's great. I'm the first one of my friends to do this. It's totally Entourage. Anytime I go anywhere, I bring my buddies from home. Everyone's really excited. I get calls all the time whenever they see the trailer for Reunion. A couple buddies are trying to get girlfriends from it. They're like, "I know that kid right there."

Lindzi.com: What can you tell us about your character on the show?

Dave Annable: He's a kid struggling with what he's going through... not having a girlfriend. He's in love with Amanda Righetti's character and they end up getting together in the first episode. He's learning a lot about himself. I think he's confused with which path he wants to go in his life. It's going to be fun to p
lay because [I'm] playing a whole life over twenty years.

Lindzi.com: How do you relate with your character on the show?

Dave Annable: We're similar and very different in ways. We both rely on humor to ease situations. Erin, I think, is a lot smarter than I am. He's going to MIT. Once in a while, I can't even spell MIT. I'm kidding. That was supposed to be funny.

Lindzi.com: Would you watch the show?

Dave Annable: I'm under law by mom to watch it. My mom wants to call and talk about everything. She's one of those moms. If I wasn't in the show, I'd totally watch it  -- judging by the trailer. It's a great concept. There are a lot of great actors in it and it's interesting to see if we can pull off the characters. We have to play a character who progresses in age each year. It's going to be tricky.

Lindzi.com: Do you cringe watching yourself on television?

Dave Annable: It's embarrassing. I think every actor is critical of themselves and wonders if they could've done it differently. Or "Why did I blink there?" It's a weird thing to watch yourself up there.

Lindzi.com: What's it like working with the cast?

Dave Annable: We all get along. I know every cast says it, but we genuinely get along great.

Lindzi.com: What's the craziest thing you guys have done together?

Dave Annable: Nothing too crazy. We bust on each other all the time. There's a lot of busting on our outfits -- like what we're wearing in the 80's. There's a lot of, "I can't believe you have to wear that." I think there's definitely going to be some practical jokes once we get up to Vancouver.

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