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christina aguilera (interview from 1999)

Lindzi.com: Have you always been into singing?

Christina Aguilera: I always knew that singing was something I wanted to do, since a really young age -- like singing at block parties and local things like that. People would always ask me, 'What do you want to do when you grow up' and, at such a young age, I would always say, 'A successful recording artist.'

Lindzi.com: Can you see yourself doing this in 10 years?

Christina Aguilera: Of course I can... completely. I'd like to expand and do other things. The next album I'm definitely going to put in my input on writing and co-writing with a lot of the producers I may have worked with. Years from now, maybe [I'll] produce myself and [work in] different aspects of the business... maybe even pursuing acting at one point.

Lindzi.com: What singers have been inspirations to you through out the years?

Christina Aguilera: Well, it all started with Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music when I was around age 5. She completely inspired me. I would sing out my bedroom window and everything. I was living in Japan at the moment and I think that's when I discovered my true love for music. Then I grew to love the blues a lot. I loved Whitney Houston and Billie Holiday -- and now, my favorite blues singer is Eda James.

Lindzi.com: You were living in Japan? What were you out there for?

Christina Aguilera: Well, my father was in the army so we moved around a lot.

Lindzi.com: Have you kept in touch with anyone from the Mickey Mouse Club?

Christina Aguilera: Britney Spears -- I haven't seen her in a while, though. I do see 'N SYNC occasionally. I was just in London and saw a couple of the guys. I usually run into them. At a Teen People party back in January was the last time I saw Keri [Russell from Felicity] and Dale was actually there. Those are the people I've really seen the most of.

Lindzi.com: With your sudden success, do you plan on going to college?

Christina Aguilera: I'm going to play college by ear. I have no "scheduling" for college at the moment. My schedule is kind of hectic. Right now I'm concentrating on my career, but in the future I may want to do something like that. Maybe majoring in Psychology? I studied quite a bit of it in high school last year and it was really interesting to learn about the mind and how people think.

Lindzi.com: How would you describe your sound?

Christina Aguilera: Well the album could be put into the category of Pop/R&B, but really it's got R&B and Gospel inflictions. You can hear it in the music, in some of the choruses and bridges of certain songs. Of course, with my own riffing and ad-libbing I always add a bit of soul into what I do.

Lindzi.com: Would you say you're sound is different from singers like Britney Spears?

Christina Aguilera: Britney & I are two very different artists in my opinion. She's talented at what she does, but we're different. I guess a lot of people want to compare us because we're the same age out there in the same market, at the same time. She has a different style than I do.

Lindzi.com: Can you tell me a little about your hit single, "Genie in a Bottle?"

Christina Aguilera: Genie in a Bottle is a mid tempo, pop song, with a cool hook and a cool twist on word play. The whole hook of the song is "I'm a genie in a bottle. You've got to rub me the right way." Let me just clear this up -- a lot of people want to perceive Genie in a Bottle as sort of a sexual song because of the lyrical content. Really all it's saying can be taken as literal or non-literal as you want to. In my opinion, it means girls want to be treated the right way -- and that's all. I think it's a cool, girl empowerment song. It's just like "I'm not going to settle for anything less than I deserve." It's sort of a hard-to-get, playin' it cool kinda song. I really like it.

Lindzi.com: What's your fave song on the album?

Christina Aguilera: There's one song in particular and it's a piano ballad. It's the last track on the album and called "Obvious." I really related to that song while recording the album because a lot of times when you're 18 and in this business it's very hard. You do have your own opinions and your own views of yourself. Then all of a sudden, when you're signed to a record company, it's almost like you become this product and you're pushed in all different directions and a lot of times it's hard to be heard as an eighteen year old, young artist. It's almost like, can't anyone see how obvious it is that I'm feeling these emotions? It's a moody song. It'll put you in a serene kinda mood. I really like it. It'll make you think.

Lindzi.com: Can we expect to see a Christina Aguilera tour any time soon?

Christina Aguilera: Well, hopefully! {laughs} It's possible. I [opened] this summer for a lot of different acts... Lilith Fair.. certain shows with 98 Degrees. I'll be switching myself from tour to tour [until then].

Lindzi.com: Any main goals for the album?

Christina Aguilera: Main goals for the album? Well, I hope to {giggles} sell a lot of copies. I hope that it's really successful. This has always been my dream. I don't want to say too much to soon, but hopefully it'll go far. It's just the beginning.

Lindzi.com: Who would you love to do a duet with?

Christina Aguilera: Let me see... I know I would like to do a duet, but also collaborate on a project with Madonna. I think she's amazing. {laughs} I was watching Fanatic on MTV and I guess Britney came up with the same answer. haha. Maybe that's where the comparisons come from. I was like, "Hey. That's my answer." No, no -- seriously, [Madonna] is amazing! From year to year she changes herself so much and her image. She's always surprising people and that's also what I hope to do with my career.

Lindzi.com: What is a normal day like for you?

Christina Aguilera: Well, a normal day has been consisting of photo shoots because I'm doing press for magazines, interviews, phoners with radio. It changes. I'm doing a lot of different stuff, but mostly my days consist of those.

Lindzi.com: What do you enjoy doing on the weekend?

Christina Aguilera: On my days off, whenever I do get some, I'm really keen on wanting to sleep in. Other than that, when I wake-up, I'll go shopping.... normal stuff... the movies. I'll write songs when I'm by myself.

Lindzi.com: What's the dating scene like for you? Do you have any time?

Christina Aguilera: At the moment, no and I'm sure it'll get more hectic from here. When the right guy comes along, I'm sure I'll try and make time. I was thinking, how do these other people in the business have time? You know what I mean? It must be possible. Right now, I'm actually single and very busy.

Lindzi.com: What celebrity makes you So Emotional?

Christina Aguilera: {laughs} Little play on words... Well, it used to be Ryan Phillipe before I found out his whole thing with Reese Witherspoon. She's a lucky gal!

Lindzi.com: What drives you insane??

Christina Aguilera: What drives me insane... hmmm.. it's questions like these that drive me insane because I can't think of the right answer. {laughter} No, I like this question. You know what drives me insane right now? Not having a driver's license! My stepbrother is sixteen years old (and you know how brothers and sisters are!) and he teases me constantly because he just got his. Here I am 18 years old without one! That's my little pet peeve right now. Oh yeah, and dumb blonde jokes!

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