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bryce johnson

Lindzi.com: In high school, would you say you were considered "popular?"

Bryce Johnson: I had my moments in high school. Toward the end of my junior and senior years, I started hanging around the people I decided were really worth hanging around because they were quality friends and not just popular jerks.

Lindzi.com: Were you involved within the drama club at school?

Bryce Johnson: No, I wasn't, but my brother was and that's what kinda got me started in doing it. I was pretty much in my senior year of high school. It was coming down to like time for me to chose a career. It was either the navy or Hollywood. My parents talked me right out of the navy. Thank God. It came down to Hollywood and that was it.

Lindzi.com: I'm surprised they were all for the Hollywood thing.

Bryce Johnson: I know! I think that the one thing that can scare parents worse is the army.

Lindzi.com: So, Popular is your first real big break, huh? What do you hope to accomplish from here?

Bryce Johnson: Anything can happen. Obviously, I want to do stuff like films. I'm looking at a few projects for this summer. I just want to stay busy and keep working.

Lindzi.com: Do have more of an interest in comedy or drama?

Bryce Johnson: Well, the funny thing is... on this show, my character plays one of the more dramatic roles. When I first came out to Hollywood I got into an improv group. One of my favorite things to do is comedy. That's always been my true passion.

Lindzi.com: What was your first acting job?

Bryce Johnson: My first job in L.A. was for a Universal Studios training video. I was so excited when I got it. I was like "WahOoOo!"

Lindzi.com: Who "discovered you" so to speak?

Bryce Johnson: That's a funny question. I discovered myself. There's no such thing.

Lindzi.com: Is that a big Hollywood misconception?

Bryce Johnson: I would say so. For sure. The way I look at it... if you have the right intentions in Hollywood and you're persistent and dedicated, the road will kinda open up doors for you. It's just up to you to follow them. You can tell that there's stuff to do to further your career and that's always the way to take.

Lindzi.com: What actor has been an inspiration to you through out the years?

Bryce Johnson: Definitely Edward Norton! He is awesome. Primal Fear was one of his breaks because he blew away everybody else. I want to go to all kinds of ranges with my acting. I want to be able to do stuff like him someday... get some roles I can really sink my teeth into.

Lindzi.com: What's it like working on Popular?

Bryce Johnson: They're all so awesome. I'm a newcomer when it comes to this business. So being able to work with people like that, it makes it so much easier to go in and do a great job. We all get along so well. It makes it such a fun environment and not just like a job. Everybody's there to support each other and have a fun time and get their work done. It's amazing. We all hang out together when we get a chance to, but we're usually working so much.

Lindzi.com: On the rare occasion you get some time off, what do you enjoy doing?

Bryce Johnson: Right now, I like working on my apartment... doing some painting and hanging around with my friends. Really, I'm just a bum when it comes to my time off. I like to kick back and enjoy the Santa Ana winds of Hollywood.

Lindzi.com: Do you think Popular portrays a realistic view of high school?

Bryce Johnson: I don't think any TV show portrays a real high school... maybe Freaks & Geeks comes close. We portray real story lines. Real stuff that happens. We just kinda expand it a little bit and make it a bigger picture and more entertaining to watch. The stuff we deal with on the show, in relations to high school, is a lot of the same kind of stuff I went through when I was in high school... worrying about sex, worrying about popularity, sports.. what you want to do. A lot of those same things run through every high school in America. You're going hit nerves.

Lindzi.com: Ya know, it seems like girls today are under so much pressure to be "perfect" in so many ways. What advice would you give them from a guy's perspective?

Bryce Johnson: The best turn on to me, for a girl, is someone who can be herself. The hardest thing about being yourself is that it takes time and self discovery. A girl who is not afraid of who she is and can be herself, that's a girl who's always close to my heart.

Lindzi.com: That must be difficult to find since you're in an industry where everybody's acting.

Bryce Johnson: It's so hard to find in Hollywood. It's such a crazy town. There are a lot of people out here. You gotta be careful who you meet. I've got my own group of friends already so it's difficult letting people in. They're all buddies I've met out here in L.A.

Lindzi.com: By the way, you mentioned Freaks & Geeks earlier. Are you a fan of the show?

Bryce Johnson: I just did five episodes of Family Feud with them and I thought they were all so cool. {laughs} They were a trip. I've seen the show's pilot. I really liked it. I don't watch TV. That's the honest thing. I don't even have cable hooked up. I need to get it.

Lindzi.com: So do you ever watch yourself on Popular?

Bryce Johnson: I love watching myself. I don't want that to sound conceited. This is what I've waited to do all my life so when you actually have a tape of a great show that you're on - you jump at the chance to see how it turns out.

Lindzi.com: Earlier we talked about girls and the pressures they deal with. Do guys face similar pressures growing up?

Bryce Johnson: Oh, absolutely - I think everybody faces pressures with sexuality... being a girl or being a guy. You're always going to go through stuff in high school. Everybody travels their own little path in high school and is faced with challenges.

Lindzi.com: Now Valentine's Day is quickly approaching - let's run a personal ad in LPoI.

Bryce Johnson: {laughs} Let me see... that's funny! {more laughter} 6'2. Blonde hair, blue eyes. I wouldn't say I'm an actor because then the whole blood gate would open. I would say I'm a bonsai tree cutter... looking for a smart, intelligent, single women [who enjoys] long walks on the beach - the whole works.

Lindzi.com: What was your first kiss like?

Bryce Johnson: My first kiss was amazing. It was with a girl named Heather in the back of a van on the way back from a basketball game in 7th grade. It was pretty weird. I had all this gum in my mouth. I was chewing Chicklets, ya know? And she was like "Swallow your gum, I'm gonna kiss you." I was like, "Gulp." And then she rammed her tongue down my throat.

Lindzi.com: So she made the first move?

Bryce Johnson: I loved it when girls made the first move because I was so shy and nervous when it came to girls. It was so nice for me when they put it into fourth gear and did all the moves for ya. So you can just can slide through and let them take care of the work. I think I'd make the first move more today, but back in high school I was definitely not the one to make the first move.

Lindzi.com: Let's say a girl makes the first move and you're not interested. How would you respond?

Bryce Johnson: That's a good question. It would have to be a spur of the moment thing so I'd know how to respond. I couldn't tell ya. I'd definitely be cool about it. I'm never really looking for a girlfriend - that's usually when you find one. As long as I keep that attitude maybe one will roll along.

Lindzi.com: With your busy schedule?! Who do you plan on asking to be your valentine?

Bryce Johnson: I know, right?! Britney Spears - why not? I might go to a Teen People party this weekend and she'll be there. That Mandy Moore girl is cute too.

Lindzi.com: What drives you insane?

Bryce Johnson: It's more like who drives me insane? Well, Hollywood could drive me insane. Yeah, but I love Hollywood. It's my favorite town. So, driving me insane is more of a hobby for me. I like to be driven to insanity. It's kinda fun.

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