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brittany snow (interview from 2003)

We introduced you to Miss Brittany Snow when her show, American Dreams, first debuted. A year later, let's catch up with the working girl...

Lindzi.com: I talked with you a year ago before the show debuted. How have things changed since then?

Brittany Snow: When first got into it, I thought it'd be a scary experience. It was also exciting because I knew that's what I wanted to do. It made my dreams come true. It was cool to have it finally happen. I like getting into a habit and routine. It was crazy because it was a new schedule and different people.

Lindzi.com: The show must have turned your high school years upside down. What were they like?

Brittany Snow: Going into something where I had to be tutored on the set was crazy because I was leaving behind interaction with everybody. In high school, I had trouble paying attention. I'd always talk. I went my freshman and sophomore year. I had a really good group of friends. I did community service and all. There were a few times, like in any high school, that it was hard to be accepted. The more I was there, the more I realized it didn't matter. In high school, you always think someone's not going to like you because of what you wear. My high school was very materialistic. My freshman year, there were all these older people that I thought were so cool, but by my sophomore year, I just wanted to have a good time. When it comes down to it, it doesn't matter. You should be a kid and not worry what other people think.

Lindzi.com: And, now, you and your co-star Vanessa Lengies take classes together?

Brittany Snow: She's good at math and science and I suck at it. God, I can't believe I just said that. I'm good at English and history. She teaches me how to do all that stuff and I do the same. I love taking notes because I like writing. She hates writing. We'd balance it out. I'd do the lab reports and she'd do the experiments. I always felt like I had the best job and she thought she had the best thing.

Lindzi.com: What are you two like on-set together?

Brittany Snow: On Bandstand, we get crazy. There's a certain time when get slap happy. At, like, 4:53. We've timed it. We start doing everything crazy that we can. We play jokes on extras. We pretend that we fall all the time down the band stand stairs. We have this hand shake that goes on for like ten minutes. It's all of our inside jokes. We do that in front of everybody. We play practical jokes on people.

Lindzi.com: What's something you've done during your slap happy moments together?

Brittany Snow: This one time we pretended that my grandmother just died. I was hysterically crying in the next room. We played a joke on the costumer. Vanessa was like, "Her grandmother just died." We made up this story. She got hit by a reindeer and the antler penetrated her esophagus first. I was hysterically crying. She was yelling, "Damn deer. Damn deer." Everybody fell for it. It was funny because who would believe a deer with an antler would penetrate your esophagus?

Lindzi.com: Last we spoke, you felt you were similar to your character Meg. Do you still think so?

Brittany Snow: I'm like my character Meg in the sense that I'm a good girl. As much as I don't want to be, I do everything my parents say. She's passionate about American Bandstand and I'm passionate about American Dreams and acting. She knows what she wants to do in life -- she wants to be in that field. And I want to be in that field. We both dreamers. We both have a good time, but still follow the rules. I'm a little more crazy than she is. Some of the stuff she wears and says, I'd never wear or say.

Lindzi.com: How much fun is it to dress for a different era? Can you relate to that time period at all?

Brittany Snow: When you're in the clothes and hair and make-up and set, you automatically fall into the surroundings of the 60's -- no preparation involved. When I go through all this stuff that Meg goes through, I always apply it to my real life -- like the tribulations with her boyfriend or fighting with her parents. It's easy because all teenagers go through the same things no matter what time period you're in. There might be different circumstances, but it's basically the same reactions and same feelings. It's cool that I can relate that to real life.

Lindzi.com: Last we spoke, you said you were going to try to come back for some events at your high school. How's that been going so far?

Brittany Snow: I talked to my principle and he's letting me graduate with my class. I'm doing the cap and gown thing. I was talking to my best friends -- there are eight of us. We're going to have our grad party together and I'm going to prom.

Lindzi.com: That's great. And how are your friends reacting to all of the media attention you've been getting?

Brittany Snow: We have a pact that we don't really talk about it when I get here. I want to keep it separate. That's my job and that's what I do, but, at home, I want to have a good time with them and be normal. Of course, they'll ask about certain celebrities like Ashanti. They know I don't like to talk about it. They could care less. They just want to know about the famous people.

Lindzi.com: Do you sense any jealousy?

Brittany Snow: Not with my eight friends. The friend I'm with now, we're about to go to lunch -- we've known each other since I was born. No one is jealous because it's like anything you do. It's a job. There's no need to get bent out of shape about it.

Lindzi.com: What's something you think fans would be surprised to learn about your co-star Vanessa Lengies?

Brittany Snow: I think people would be surprised to know about her is that on the show she's pretty bad, but in real life, she's chill. She rolls with the punches. She's the most caring, amazing friend. She's so funny. She has the most creative mind. She's awesome at arts and crafts.

Lindzi.com: What do you like most about your show?

Brittany Snow: I like the stories that we do and the issues that we handle. I like the dramatic aspect of it. After I do a scene, I feel good about what I did. I have a blast with the people I work with. They've become my family. We learn from each other.

Lindzi.com: What's your favorite episode?

Brittany Snow: I liked the Valentine's Day dance one. It was cool getting dressed up. That and the beach episode. I'm from Florida so I'm a totally beach bunny. It was heaven for me because I got to get tan. I got to be in an atmosphere that didn't feel like work. The story line was great and Third Eye Blind was there.

Lindzi.com: What can we expect from this upcoming seasons?

Brittany Snow: Roxanne and I go through some fighting again. Meg gets into a lot of civil rights issues because her and Sam become good friends. After the riot, she has been through something that normal girls her age never go through. She wants to make sure it would never happen again. She becomes involved with civil rights and spends a lot of time in college with Beth.

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