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Our favorite Brits are back! As if we'd forget 'em, BBMak is drilling Into Your Head, their sophomore album, with a hot new video for their first single Out of your Heart (Into Your Head). We played catch up with our 'ole mate, Christian, in order to get the D.L. on what's new in the lives of BBMak...

Lindzi.com: In a nut shell, what have the past two years been like for you? How difficult is it to keep fans happy internationally and in the United States?

Christian of BBMak: A lot has been happening! It's hard to spread your time evenly. There's lots of work involved in releasing an album. We try to cover all grounds.

Lindzi.com: What have you learned about yourself through out all of this?

Christian of BBMak: Wow. On the road, you learn a lot about yourself and what makes you tick and what peeves you. We've had a lot of experience for these last few years. Musically, we've come out as better musicians.

Lindzi.com: Specifically speaking, what did you learn?

Christian of BBMak: You need to keep an eye on yourself. There's always a party to go to when you're in a band. I've learned not to do too much. Make sure you get enough rest and look after yourself. You can quite easily get stressed out. All day you have cameras in your face and people want to know stuff. Everybody wants you to party, but you've got no time. It can be overwhelming.

Lindzi.com: How much pressure did you feel when creating this album?

Christian of BBMak: When any band creates a second album, they feel pressure. Especially in our position -- when you've got such a big hit with the first album. You always have pressures to write better songs. Once we wrote the first single, Out of My Heart, it took a lot of the pressure off because it's always, "Have we got the first single?" When you have that to start from, it all seems to come together naturally.

Lindzi.com: What obstacles did you face in the process?

Christian of BBMak: The main obstacle was to get the songs lyrically. We wanted to take it to the next level more than anything. We went a bit deeper this time. We spent more time crafting the songs. It took a bit longer.

Lindzi.com: What is "the next level?" How do the albums compare?

Christian of BBMak: The first album was great. It did it's job. As we were on tour, promoting our album for two years, the song changed a lot on stage. We had more energy and were getting a rockier vibe. By then, we started to work on the new album and we wanted to capture what we had on stage and take it into the studio. And that's what we did.

Lindzi.com: I noticed you worked with Rob Cavallo, who's known for his work with such rockers as the Goo Goo Dolls and Green Day. Did you seek him out hoping for an edgier sound?

Christian of BBMak: Exactly. I think at the moment, there's been a backlash with manufactured bands and boy bands. I think it's the time now for the singer/songwriter. There is a lot more rock on the radio. That's just the way it's going. The good thing about us is that we're into the pop music, but our music is definitely rock influenced. We'll fit in nicely.

Lindzi.com: Now, your first single is Out of My Heart (Into Your Head)...

Christian of BBMak: That's it. You like it?

Lindzi.com: Definitely. I like that it's catchy, but definitely has a nice acoustic sound to it.

Christian of BBMak: Well, thank you.

Lindzi.com: And the first line is...

Christian of BBMak: "I feel fine."

Lindzi.com: Right... and you go on to say, "Now the rain has gone and the sun has come to shine." Obviously the rain is a metaphor for something. So, what caused the rain?

Christian of BBMak: Exactly. We wanted to write something that reflected how we feel at this time. We've all had ups and downs in our lives. In your personal life, things happen. Things get you down. When we were strong and we... what am I trying to say? I'm trying to word this right for you...

Lindzi.com: Don't edit your thoughts! Say whatever's on your mind...

Christian of BBMak: We wanted to come back with something happy. Something fresh. Something that wasn't too deep. But we wanted to get a message across that we are feeling a piece of the world right now. It comes across in the video as well. We wanted it to be bright. It's catchy and you can't stop singing it once you hear it. It starts off with an acoustic guitar and the songs builds into this rock anthem at the end. In a way, it shows the growth of the band from Back Here. That says a lot about the changes we've gone through since the first album.

Lindzi.com: What were some of the hardships you went through?

Christian of BBMak: We didn't realize how much travel is involved. It's ridiculous the amount of flying you do. You miss your friends and family. They're supportive. We're always on the telephone and keep in touch. It can be hard, but they're proud of us.

Lindzi.com: The travel can definitely wear you down. How much longer do you see yourselves doing this for?

Christian of BBMak: When it's stops being fun, we'll stop doing it. But we're having a good time. We're not looking that far into the future because you never know what's around the corner.

Lindzi.com: What are your favorite tracks off the album?

Christian of BBMak: Out of Reach... It has a lot of energy. Sympathy, which is probably going to be a single. It's a dramatic tempo. It builds towards the end. I love real strings -- the sound of a real orchestra.

Lindzi.com: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Christian of BBMak: Our loyal fan base. We have a rather large fan base and they really are loyal. They try to sneak on the bus or into the hotel room. It can be scary, but it's all part of being in a rock band. You've got to laugh. It's weird when people start crying. I don't know what to do. I'll give them a hug and then they start crying more.

Lindzi.com: What has been the saddest moment for you within the last couple years?

Christian of BBMak: September 11th. We've spent a lot of time in New York. It affected us all. There's a song on the album called I Still Believe. It's about everybody coming together and living in a land of dreams. We all look at life differently. Music and time are healers. It takes time to heal, but when you've got music it certainly helps.

Lindzi.com: What makes you insecure?

Christian of BBMak: Everyone tends to be insecure about something. We write so many songs and get so attached to our music. You just hope people are going to like it. I'm not insecure about me self.

Lindzi.com: What's the most shocking thing a journalist has asked you?

Christian of BBMak: Probably something to do with sex. Filthy questions. We just say no comment. You have to have some sort of private life.

Lindzi.com: Is there any question that hasn't been asked that you'd like to answer?

Christian of BBMak: No. We've probably been asked that question before and had the chance to answer it. {laughs}

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