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ashley greene (interview from 2009)

Fashion talk with Twilight's trendiest vampire.


Lindzi.com: How would you describe your style?

Ashley Greene: Iím a casual girl. I love t-shirts and jeans. I'm obsessed with the flannel shirts. Iím really into boots right now. They go so well together! Whenever I dress up, I love purple. I love the romantic feel to dresses. Very elegant and womanly.

Lindzi.com: How is your style similar to Aliceís?

Ashley Greene: Our style is similar in that we both love dressing up, but I donít think our every day wear is similar at all. My style isnít tomboyish, but itís very laid back. I love the old time, elegant, and soft look that Alice has. We wanted her style to be modern, but wanted to take it back some because she is 100 years old.

Lindzi.com: How do you spice up your everyday look?

Ashley Greene: I love bright colored scarves. You put them with anything and it dresses everything up. And I have to have bronzer. Bronzer automatically livens you up. It gives you a sexy glow.

Lindzi.com: What are your on-set must haves?

Ashley Greene: I have to have Hot Hands and Uggs on-set at all times! I have this cashmere shawl that my mom gave me a long time ago. I bring it with me. I get cold so easily. I think itís from growing up in Jacksonville, FL. Iím not used to the cold. I have to have that and green tea! I try not to drink coffee, but green tea has a lot of caffeine in it and itís also really good for you. We always have vitamins on-set. Itís all about keeping yourself warm and healthy. You canít afford to get sick!

The Twilight Saga's Eclipse hits theatres in June 2010.

photo by Michael Buckner

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