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ashley lyn cafagna

An interview with actress Ashley Lyn Cafagna.

Lindzi.com: Have you always loved the spotlight or is it something you grew into?

Ashley Cafagna: I was always into acting. When I was younger, I did many plays and as I got older, I did a modeling contest and I won. I was about 10 years old. When I was 11, my mother brought me to LA and I started to act professionally.

Lindzi.com: What is a normal week like for you? It must be pretty crazy!

Ashley Cafagna: On an average day, I'm working on the set. On weekends, I go to church in the morning with my family and then we go to breakfast. Later in the day, I go out with my friends to the mall. If I have time later in the day, I like to workout.

Lindzi.com: What is it like playing such a cute character like Liz?

Ashley Cafagna: Playing Liz is awesome because she has so many angles. She's smart, but sometimes naive. She is a great athlete and devotes her time to it, but also has time for her friends, boys, and even a little shopping!!

Lindzi.com: What's the school situation for ya?!

Ashley Cafagna: I am tutored on the set when we are in production. I also go to a regular high school when I can.

Lindzi.com: Kissing Richard Lee Jackson. . . (take it from there, kiddo!)

Ashley Cafagna: Kissing Richard was good because he has full lips! But it is only acting. We are strictly friends. . .

Lindzi.com: What would you like to do in the future?

Ashley Cafagna: My plans for the future are to keep doing what I love. . . acting! But I also want to be a singer and go to college someday.

Lindzi.com: What's your advice to teenage girls who are interested in pursuing a career in acting?

Ashley Cafagna: Make sure acting is something you really want to do! If you know you can and really want it, then GO FOR IT!!

Lindzi.com: What's your fave quote?

Ashley Cafagna: The most important thing in my life is God, so I live my life on the basis of "WWJD, What Would Jesus Do?"

Lindzi.com: What drives you insane?

Ashley Cafagna: BOYS!!! You can't live with them and you can't live without them!!

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