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Think you've got the goods? Aspiring artists, keep reading!

3LW is Naturi, Adrienne, & Kiely of 3LW...

Kiely's passion for the business began when she was a child, "My mother is our manager and she managed artists while I was growing up. It taught me a lot more about the business. I came into it with a little bit of knowledge. We had a recording studio in our home and it inspired me to get in there and record my own songs."

How: "Our production company had the concept for the group. They held an audition for three girls. From there, they hand picked each and everyone of us. We did our demos, showcased, and got our record deal. It was hard work," Adrienne explains.

What was it like working in the studio?

Adrienne: At first it was kind of nerve racking. I had never done anything like it before, but it was exciting to get in there and finally work in the studio. It took us nine months to prepare the album. It's a perfect blend of hip hop, R&B, and pop. I haven't heard anybody do what we do. I definitely think we're bringing out a new sound in music. Kiely brings more of the hip hop flavor. Naturi's very soulful and I bring a little Latin flavor to the scene.

Naturi: It's long hours, of course, and a lot of hard work, but it's amazing. The producers are very patient. They help us learn new things. We can work with our voices and add different types of flavors into songs.

What's the daily process like?

Adrienne: We'll get a track and learn a song that's already been demo-ed, which means that someone else is singing it. You learn all the words and harmonies. Then you get in the studio and start with backgrounds. You usually lie down the chorus first. There's something called stacking, which consists of you singing the same thing over and over. Then, they compile all your vocals together. With No More's chorus, it's three of my vocals, three of Kiely's vocals, and three of Naturi's vocals. It's very important to have a good producer.

How do you choose your material?

Adrienne: Many artists are signed to production companies that are signed to the record labels. The production company will actually pick out the songs for you, as well as, find producers and writers for you. Sometimes they find producers that allow you to actually write to the track. We only sing songs that we stand for. We're not going to have lyrics that we don't agree with. So, we'll sit down and see how things go with what was selected.

Naturi: We've written a handful of songs for different soundtracks. We want to be artists, not just singers.

Adrienne: I love our first single "No More" because I really think it shows what 3LW is about. When you're singing, you'll look back on feelings that you've had. Maybe you've experienced what the songs talking about. The idea is to get that out through your voice. You want the listener to feel your emotion.

What's the traveling situation like?

Adrienne: Right now, we're on a radio promo tour. Sometimes you get a little bit jetlag. You do get a chance to catch up on your sleep during those long rides, though. You just have to keep up your attitude. You want to give your best to your fans out there. You don't want to be caught on an off moment. When you get out there on that stage and see you've brought a smile to someone's face, it's such a reward.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this profession?

Adrienne: You get noticed. No lies, we do get a lot discounts when we go to certain places. Sometimes, when we give an autograph, we'll get 10% off. At the same rate, going places and being recognized can also be a disadvantage. Sometimes you just want to chill with your family. Also, you have to watch your back and make sure you're being a good role model at all times.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Naturi: The artists who really shine are those who are really into their music and express that through performing. You want to really connect with your audience. A lot of it is about stage presence. You can have a beautiful voice and still not be able to get the flavor going on stage. What makes us stand out is that we have a massive amount of energy. You really have to love what you do in order to be the very best.

Kiely: You know a lot of artists have gone years without getting a record deal. You do have to put your best foot forward. You just have to make sure you practice a lot and that you're really on point. The key is to be yourself and do what you do best.

Adrienne: Also, it definitely helps if you're a triple threat and can sing, dance, and act. The more you can do, the better.

Where do you see the future of 3LW going?

Naturi: I see 3LW being a worldwide success. We want to reach little girls, as well as older people. I hope everyone will be able to relate with our music.

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